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Tips & Frequently Asked Questions
Exercise and a good diet are the only way to a healthy toned body. It also leads to a stronger immune system, increased energy, and a happier you.

Using the gym is simple by following our easy 1 2 3 routine. By understanding how to exercise you will soon find your stamina and confidence building, your fitness increase, and surplus fat reduce.
Identify your needs and adjust your routine to suit. If your aim is fitness, increase your cardio workout.

A healthy diet and detoxing to purge toxins is essential. Please ask for a copy of our guide packed with info and even a 14 day meal plan.

To help lose weight fast we also stock Juice Plus shakes and Vivid slimming capsules. Please see Slimming Products.
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Calorie Workout

Longer Less Intense
Use more stored energy
Burn more calories
Cross Trainers
Exercise Bikes
Magic Rider

25 mins

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Cardio Workout

Shorter Higher Energy
Increased fitness
Gets the heart pumping

Cross Trainers
Exercise Bikes
Magic Rider / Spinner

15 mins

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Toning Workout

Shorter Muscle Intense
More intense muscle use
Tone & build strength
Cross Trainers
Magic Rider / Rowers
Multi-Gym & Benches
Aerobic Studio

15 mins

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Frequently Asked Questions
You must be 15 to join the gym and you must have consent from a parent or guardian. Proof of age will be required when you join.
There's no contract, no direct debit, no minimum term, not even a fee to 'suspend' your membership if you decide not to renew. Pay for your first month (or 3 months) when you join. Your Membership card will show when it expires, and each time you renew. Simply renew on your due date. We will not pressure you to renew because we always have new members wanting to join. We limit the number of members we have, so we will give you a month to renew, if not we allow another member to join. Your membership isn't cancelled, so you can renew it again at any time. If membership is full we will give you priority over new members for the next available space.
Absolutely 100%! Men are not allowed in the gym at any time. We have a large reception area where partners are welcome to wait. Engineers may require access for maintenance but this is usually out of hours.
Pop in to view the gym & for a Registration form, or come with your gym gear (trainers and suitable clothing) to start straight away. There's no need to book in advance. Once your Registration is complete you will be given a Membership Card and Guide giving you all the information you need. Your first month payment (or 3 months) will be required. When you membership expires simply renew it.
No, joining is now induction free! We stopped inductions because we found most ladies prefer not to have one. When you join we now give you a Member Guide giving you all the info you need and tips for exercising. Information is displayed in the gym to help you use equipment. If you have never used a gym before or feel a little anxious don't worry, you can still have a personal induction. Just call and book when convenient for you. Our aim is to help any way we can.
The gym is open the same hours as the Salon 7 days a week, 362 days a year. Busiest periods are the start of the week, and gets less busy towards Friday. The busiest period is after work around 6.30pm. Daytimes are less busy than evenings. Weekends are less busy. Even though we have busy periods don't worry, we limit membership to prevent getting too busy.
The most important ways to a healthier body, lifestyle and losing weight are exercise, a healthy diet, and detoxing to purge toxins from your body. Just follow our simple 1, 2, 3 exercise guide, detox and eat healthily. Ask for a copy of our Detox and Weight Loss plan which also includes a 14 day meal plan. If your goal is weight loss we have products that can help. Vivid Slimming tablets are 100% natural and help speed up your metabolism to reduce body fat and also reduce your appetite. We also stock Juice Plus Shakes which are helping millions of ladies reduce weight and also give you your 5 a-day. Ask for more info. You can also use our Power Plates to boost your workout.
Its easy! You don't need fancy personal trainers, just follow our 1, 2, 3 workout guide. The best way to workout is to spend a few minutes on all the equipment and vary your intensity from moderate to intense so you combine calorie and cardio workouts in one. 10 minutes on each item plus 10 minutes toning in the Aerobic Studio will give you a 1 hour workout and will give you a great combination of toning, calorie and cardio sessions, and will make you fitter, more energetic and motivated, improve your core strength and help you lose weight. Equipment can be used your way, either manually so you set the pace, or with built in programs.
Your Registration Form includes a simple medical questionnaire to check you are healthy. If you have a medical condition which you are aware of please consult your GP. As long as your GP gives you consent to use fitness equipment you can still join. When you complete the Registration and you highlight a medical condition we may ask you to obtain consent from your GP before your membership is active, so checking first will be more convenient for you.
Yes there are private changing rooms, lockers for personal items, wc and shower for your convenience.
Don't try too much to start! Build up slowly!
Set a realistic goal and don't be too ambitious to start with.
Join with a friend! You will motivate each other and have fun.
2-3 sessions a week of 30-60mins depending on your fitness. Always build up slowly to avoid injury and increase your stamina. Too much too soon will damage your confidence if you get too tired. Always warm up and cool down with stretches. A circuit of 10mins on each machine will give great results.
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506 Gorton Rd Reddish, Stockport, SK5 6QU