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Power Plates
The latest innovation for slimming & toning
Power plates are one of the most popular and fastest growing methods of body toning and weight control with little effort.

Perform easy exercises and let the vibrations do all the work. All that is needed is 3-4 10 minute sessions per week.

The powerful motor sends waves of vibrations through the whole body, forcing muscles to contract 20-30 times per second. These contractions simulate working out and lead to whole body toning and weight loss.
Increase circulation of oxygenated blood
Remove of toxins stored in the body
Stronger muscles, & bones
Reduce cellulite, improve complexion
Improve Arthrisis and back problems
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Monthly Course

Save £28
Based on x4 sessions per week @ £3 per session.
Unlimited Use
Valid 1 Month

£20 = £48

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Tan & Tone

Save £38
1 Month Sunbed
Booster Course
1 Month Power Plate
Membership for £10

£42 = £80

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Gym Add On

Save £10
Based on x4 sessions per week @ £3 per session.
Unlimited Use
Gym Members Only

1/2 Price

Pay Per Session £3, or become a VIP member and save £28 based on 4 sessions per week. Enjoy unlimited use 7 days a week and get even faster results. Gym Members can add a Power Plate course for 1/2 price. Or get even better value with a Tan & Tone course, including a 1 month Power Plate course and a 1 month sunbed Booster course. Unlimited Power Plates, 120 sunbed minutes and extra Vitamin D.
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Whole Body
Simply stand on the plate and let the vibrations tone your whole body, improve joint flexibility, circulation, and reduce cellulite.
Upper Body
Vary positions to target areas such as upper body and arms
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Legs & Thighs
Target thighs for concentrated toning.
Lower Body & Abs
Tone lower body muscles and tighten tummy muscles just by sitting on the plate.
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Stand on the plate and perform simple exercises for a full body toning work-out. More exercises are displayed in our Power Plate Studio. For even better results combine a Power Plate Monthly Unlimited Course for half price with a Gym membership and enjoy unlimited use of both. Get fit and toned 7 days a week.
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