Sunbed Creams
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Accelerate & Extend Your Tan
Use a tanning cream with each sunbed session to accelerate and extend the life of your tan. We stock only the best brands such as Australian Gold & Pro Tan to give you the best possible choice. Choose from fast accelerators, or with added tingles & bronzers.

Accelerators contain Tyrosin to produce more skin pigment and allow up to 25% more UV absorption.

Other Benefits include:
Added moisturisers to extend your tan
Vitamins & minerals to nourish skin
Some contain skin illuminators, firmers and anti-ageing complexes
Creams from £1.50, Bottles from £14.95
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Australian Gold
Cheeky Brown

Fast Accelerator
Moisturisers & Vitamins
No Bronzers
No Tingle


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Black x10, x50
Unbel. Black x25
Diamonds x50
Man Up x50

Fast Accelerator
Moisturisers & Vitamins
Instant Colour
No Tingle


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Protan Baked
Hot Tottie
Black Onyx

Fast Accelerator
Moisturisers & Vitamins
No Bronzers
HOT Tingle Action


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Loaded with 100% natural ingredients this multi-mineral formula is designed to accelerate your body’s natural tanning process. Taken prior to tanning Boost can help your skin produce more pigment which is turned darker by UV light.
Increase Skin Pigmentation
Accelerate Tanning Naturally
Achieve A Deeper Darker Tan
100% Natural
Vitamins, Minerals, & Folic Acid
120 Capsules
2 Caps Twice Per Day
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advanced tanning capsules
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100% Natural
Boost is specially formulated from natural ingredients to help skin produce more pigment for a deeper tan whilst also helping to nourish it.
Vitamins C, E, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12 & D3
Zinc - anti oxidant protects against premature ageing of skin.
Folic Acid - produces red blood cells & helps prevent anaemia
Boost can be used in natural sunlight and tanning beds. It is not a sunscreen. Use a high factor sunscreen when outdoor tanning.
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