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The UK's Best Selling Slimming Aid
Vivid slimming capsules are made from 100% natural ingredients and can help reduce weight fast. The special formula works by speeding up metabolism & reducing fat storage, increasing energy, suppressing appetite to reduce snacking and reducing water retention.

Used as part of a healthy diet Vivid can help to significantly reduce weight, helping you to achieve your goals without the side effects of other products.
Speed Up Metabolism
Suppress Appetite
Reduce Water Retention
Reduce Fat Storage
slimming capsules
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the healthy
food supplement
Juice Plus is the best selling health food supplement and has been carefully formulated to provide the nutrition we need for a healthy diet. Containing only 100% fruit and veg protein, Juice Plus will provide your 5 a day and essential carbs and fibre.
Get Your 5 A Day The Easy Way
5 A Day Vitamins & Minerals
Weight Loss Meal Replacement
Slow Release Energy Formula
Tried & Tested Results
Juice Plus Complete Shakes
Juice Plus Complete Shakes can be used as a supplement for a healthier diet, for sports enthusiasts for increased energy, and as a complete meal replacement for a weight loss aid.
2 Great Flavours - Vanilla & Chocolate
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Juice Plus Premium Capsules
Enjoy the benefit of Juice Plus whole foods in a capsule with over 27 varieties of fruit and veg. Use the capsules on their own for convenience , or use together for a bigger boost.
3 Blends for Complete Nutrition - Fruit, Vegetable & Berries

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The Best Combination Of Ingredients
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Guarana is a plant native to Venezuela and Brazil, and it is an essential ingredient in many slimming products. Its properties are well know and widely used to increase stamina, mental alertness, reduce physical fatigue, reduce appetite and increase the body's ability to burn fat.
Indian Lotus Leaf
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Found in Asia the whole plant is edible and has been used for thousands of years because of it's many properties. Along with decreasing fat absorption by the body and preventing fat formation, Indian Lotus Leaf is also known for helping circulation and reducing menstrual cramps.
Caralluna Fimeriate
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A cactus plant from India, it is well known as an appetite suppressant and also used to block fat formation, forcing body fat to be burned. Also known as the 'Famine Plant' it has been used in India for centuries to lower appetite during food shortages.
Brown Seaweed
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Used as an extract it has huge weight loss benefits and is well known to target excess tummy fat. It is high in Iodine and can help with Iodine deficiency, and is a good body detoxification. With 72 trace minerals like Selenium it also helps thyroid functions and is known to help with fatigue, skin condition and cellulite.
L Carnitine
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L Carnitine is a natural amino acid which breaks down human fat cells. It helps to regulate cellular metabolism by generating energy from fatty acids and turning it into useable energy for the body. It is even more powerful when combined with Indian Lotus Leaf.